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  • The Demiurge

        • 18 x 36 inches
        • © 2011
        • Oil on Panel
        • Framed to 23 x 41 inches
      • This piece is part of a 2-Panel diptych in which Bradley Platz and Michael Ryan have collaborated. The dramatic piece depicts Sophia and the The Demiurge, Gnostic and platonic deities responsible for fashioning the material world out of primordial chaos. View the accompanying "Sophia" here: http://www.moderneden.com/products/sophia
      • Bradley Platz’ intricate oil paintings deal with the alternating nature of worship in the modern age. Using classical symbolic imagery from old world traditions and transposing subtle hints of modernity, his work might best be described as tarnished elegance. Ever present also are certain whimsical and subtle symbols that carry the viewer through his body of work as a reader through a story, or a craft on the sea.

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