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    A richly designed tarot deck featuring stunning reproductions of seventy-eight original oil paintings by San Francisco Bay Area artist Lacey Bryant. The Slow Tarot is the result of a personal art project spanning over six years as the artist dedicated herself to creating an original work of art for every card in the deck. Now in the fourth printing, the deck includes both versions of The World card and the Atonement card, back by popular demand.

    Deck includes:

    • 78 full-color tarot cards
    • + 2 bonus cards (from the original Kickstarter edition)
    • Premium linen cardstock
    • 24-page guidebook
    • Published by Modern Eden

    1,350% funded on Kickstarter!

    The Slow Tarot deck features 80 full-color tarot cards printed on 310gsm linen paper. The cards have a slight texture which makes them both tactile, durable, and easy to shuffle. Included in each order is a dedicated guidebook produced by the artist specifically for this deck.  The deck ships in a full-color 2 piece box, which is adorned with an alternate version of 'The World'. Our goal with this project was to create a high-quality tarot deck that can be enjoyed for years to come. As each card features a unique painting, you will essentially own 78 mini prints of the artwork. The deck is suitable for both beginners, enthusiasts, and the advanced tarot reader, and also makes a great gift for those interested in art.

    Each suit in the deck is identified by a color, and the elements of fire, water, air, and earth are reflected in the colors chosen for the borders. The Aces have also received special treatment, and have been designed completely borderless. The back of every card is identical, and features a beautiful line drawing designed by Lacey.

    About the Project

    Lacey Bryant is represented by Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, and has partnered with us on this project. Over the years, we have worked together on numerous shows and projects over her career. This particular series, which began in 2013, shortly after her first solo exhibition at the gallery, has grown in scope and ambition in the ensuing years. During the long time these paintings were being produced, the artist created works for 4 major solo exhibitions and more than 15 group exhibitions at Modern Eden, along with a residency in 2016 at Chalk Hill. Throughout, she always found time to return to the tarot. There are reflections of her life and her community in every card, and while the process has been slow, it has been full of intention.

    In late 2018, we began to talk with her about how best to showcase the work, and the idea to put on an exhibition at the gallery and to crowdfund a deck was born. Lacey's goal of the project has always been to create a deck of tarot cards featuring the artwork, and with the production and design resources provided by the gallery and successful funding by backers we were thrilled to to make this dream a reality. In just 24 days on Kickstarter the project was overwhelmingly funded, reaching 1,350% over goal.