Bradley Platz: SF Open Studios 2015

San Francisco, CA | Bradley Platz’ traditional oil paintings address the increasingly complex issues of permanence in the modern age. With a nod to the classical subject manner, the marble statues represent a timeless, yet forgotten beauty—a silent reminder of our mortality and the passing of time. The environments that these stolid statues inhabit range from the empty softness of raw linen and atmospheric perspective, to recent work depicting the over-development and deconstruction of place—and space—on the edge of continent and future.

HeritageBradley is a San Francisco based artist and co-founder/co-owner of Modern Eden Gallery. His studio is located in the rear of the gallery and will be open to the public during 2015 SF Open Studios.

Selected works will be on view, and a limited-edition hand-stretched canvas print of 'Heritage' has been produced specifically for Artspan's 2015 Open Studios. 

#SFOS Weekend 2
Saturday & Sunday
October 24–25, 10 am–6 pm