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  • Waiting for a Sign

      • Watercolor, colored pencil, and gold ink 
      • 10.5 x 13.5 in. 
      • © 2022
      • 13.5 x 16.5 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
    • Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur and a globally awarded, collected, and exhibited figurative artist/photographer, published author, instructor, and inspirational speaker. She is also the owner of Rise Visible, a full-service creative digital marketing agency and Create for Healing. Her work has been in over 300+ exhibitions in over 10 countries; at places such as San Diego Art Institute, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, iMOCA, St. Louis Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Mitchell Museum, and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. She has also been a guest on podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, with 70 million downloads & 1 million monthly listens. Aunia has curated several internationally recognized books and projects, including Silver Era Tarot, Inspirations for Survivors, Obvious Remote Chaos, Minding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for Tea, Avalanche of White Reason, XIII: The Art of Aunia Kahn, Witch’s Oracle and the Witch’s Oracle 2nd Edition, Moon Goddess (Modern Eden Gallery) exhibit, Tarot Under Oath (Last Rites Gallery), Lowbrow Tarot Project (La Luz De Jesus Gallery), etc. Her forthcoming projects include; An Epidemic of Retrospective, Disintegrating Stars, and the Ethereal Realms Tarot.<]She loves Animals, Prussian blue, Psychology, Design, Miracles, Hummingbirds & Life.]]

    • Artwork inspired by the Totem exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery. Over the last few years, I have had a family of crows that visit me daily. This year (2022), as the parents and three babies crows were now older, they had finally open the door to allow me into their world. No longer content with allowing me to just watch as they congregated outside my window to feed, they now like to call to me and spend time with me as we all sit together outside in the afternoons.

      We have created a relationship that is magical and I could not imagine a day walking out in my backyard to give a “Hello friends, where are you?. I wait each day patiently as I call to them and moments later watch in amazement as they come down from neighboring trees to greet me. As fall approaches, they started to visit less and less and I did not see any of the crow family. I know they are out there preparing for winter. So, I wait for a sign of their return… perhaps it won’t be until next spring.