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  • Triumph II

      • 15 X 11 inches 
      • © 2015
      • Mixed Media on Photograph
      • Framed to 25 X 21 inches
    • Exhibition Statement from the Curator:

      Running ‘Platinum Cheese’ has given me a platform to share some of the most innovative voices thriving within today's New Contemporary Art scene. This latest exhibition represents a culmination of my experiences in the art world, and expands upon the dialogue between artist and audience by providing an arena where fans and creatives alike engage under one roof. Each artist was chosen based on my admiration for his or her unique aesthetic as well as his or her ability to captivate the viewer time and time again. When these singular voices are put next to one another, the perspectives "blend"to create a sense of continuity from one work to the next. -Stephanie Chefas

    • Morgan Slade received his BFA in photography in 2002 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He has shot for several magazines including Swindle, Anthem, Juxtapoz, OUT Magazine, Western Interiors & Design and many others. Morgan has exhibited both photography and mixed media work in galleries including solo shows at Copro Gallery and Billy Shire Fine Arts. He has worked in the publishing industry, including heading US production for fine art book publisher TASCHEN.

      Morgan Slade alters his digital photographs of scantily clad women wearing high school mascot heads with paint, pen and pencil. He transforms straightforward
      images to chaotic madness. His pieces prey on primitive natural instincts with a youthful aesthetic appeal and bright, vibrant colors. By defacing exceptionally striking people, Slade aesthetically changes his figures to appear flawed in some manner. He creates visual critiques of consumerism, advertising and technology by inventing his own symbols or by reusing familiar icons and assigning them a different purpose.

      To execute these photographs, Slade begins by printing them on archival digital proofing prints. He then sands down the paper to appear aged and weathered.
      He builds up layers of collage, gloss gels and gold leafing. He then allows paint to move throughout the piece without control resulting in drips and splatters. His
      painted photographs are stylistically unique while combining preexisting methods, styles and techniques. Via Shooting Gallery