The Admission of Lies Print

Megan Buccere

    • Image Size: 8 x 10 inches || Paper Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
    • Fine Art Print
    • Edition of 15
    • Signed by the artist
  • Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to present "Oil & Dust", the debut mini solo exhibition of new works by Megan Buccere. Buccere states, “The concept of the show is two-fold: first, I had an overwhelming need to work with two mediums; second, I wished to chronicle my struggles through severe anxiety. I have focused on creating works with oil paints and soft pastels. The title not only references these mediums, but it also is a metaphorical representation of my journey through crippling anxiety.”

    “My daily struggle through anxiety has brought me through isolation, melancholy, and eventually the cathartic release of its grip, all of which I seek to express through the details of my work. The oil paintings’ sticky strings represent my sense of understanding of how anxiety appears and its hold of every aspect of my life. Additionally, the strings connect different facets of my life, seeming to strangle me and other sufferers. The soft pastels and small bits of dust-like metallic leaf drifting through some of the works represents the lifting of the anxiety and my emergence from its disorienting fog.”
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