Selkie Maiden

Catherine Moore

    • 18 x 24 inches
    • © 2013
    • Acrylic on Gesso Board
    • Framed to 23 x 29 inches
  • Tales of Selkies or Seal-Fairies come mostly from the northernmost places in Ireland and Scotland. Selkies are shape-shifting creatures that are able to transform from a seal to a human form on land by shedding their sealskins. These skins hold a magical power that will allow the selkie to transform back to a seal and therefore the sea. Female selkies are known to transform into beautiful maidens while the males are believed to raise storms and overturn boats to avenge the slaughter of seals.

    The most common theme in selkie lore is one where a man acquires, either by trickery or theft, a selkie-maiden’s sealskin. With no option to return to her beloved sea, she is forced to become his wife. These tales often have a tragic ending when the seal coat is found or returned and the selkie goes home to the waters leaving behind her husband and children.
  • "Art has always been a fascination of mine – a passion, desire, and need. From the moment I could hold one, according to my mother, I would always draw “with a pen, never a pencil”. Though now I’m less selective in the implements I use, I still continue to fill my need to create.

    My artwork focuses on the many different facets of life: sometimes mysterious, sometimes playful, sometimes dark and haunting, but always beautiful. It is through the creative process that I am able to explore the undulating changes in the human psyche and to seek out the wonder of life even when it seems like an impossible task. We are on this earth only a short time, it would be a shame not to leave something of ourselves in it.

    Ray Bradbury once said, “We never sit anything out. We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” I couldn’t agree more." ~Catherine Moore
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