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      • Mixed media: embroidery, beading, oil paint, acrylic paint on cotton canvas and vinyl
      • 18 x 52 in.
      • © 2019
    • Sean Alistair's art is a visual journal and memoir. Attending Langley Fine Arts in Fort Langley Canada, Sean studied art with a focus on photography. During art school he discovered his passion for textiles and embroidery. Sean received the Hyeon Award for Mastery for embroidery. After graduation, Sean worked in the fashion industry while pursuing art as a hobby. After several years, Sean began pursuing his art career and discovering his voice as an artist. In each artwork, there is a combination of the artist's love of nature, material experimentation, and the techniques used in couture that is applied to each piece. What's most important to Sean is that his work lives, it changes with the light, inspires and surprises. The artist purposely adds details or uses materials that can only be seen at a certain angle or when the light hits it at that perfect direction.