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  • Precocious Pink Peonies

      • Oil on wood panel
      • 12 x 12 in.
      • © 2018 
    • Susanne Apgar’s artistic impulses appear to have been triggered or perhaps galvanised by a simple surrealist coffee-table art book in her childhood home. Amazed and obsessed by the peculiar images like a fur-covered cup and spoon, long legged elephants and outed inner visions, her path was set. Permission granted. Susanne was born in New Jersey and raised in Montreal. After completing a BA she studied Illustration and Design at Dawson College followed by Fine Arts at Concordia University. She generally works in oils and is currently spending time on gallery work as well as freelancing in editorial, advertising and book illustration. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries across Canada, the U.S and Australia. She currently works out of Toronto .