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  • Noctilio

      • Resin, polystyren, Apoxie sculpt, putty, painting, wax          
      • 38 x 34 x 20 cm. | 15 x 13 x 8 in.
      • © 2020
      • Free-standing sculpture 
    • Clémentine Bal was born in Paris in 1979. She studied at the Fine Arts Annecy and Dijon. Her work revolves around the world of the living animal or plant changing forms. She refines, mixes, changing to recompose characters.

      In her study there it comes to her mind an incredible number of big or small imaginary beings, as a way to give life to a combination of inert plastics.
      She uses polyester resins and sealants, and she works extensively as a meditation, an incantation to life. The layers are superimposed, ears grow, grow horns.

      Everything is curved, every inch of the body taking shape is pampered. Sanding becomes caress. She takes cares of every little thing in training as it would a baby. The color is applied as a skin, uniform and tidy appearance which monochrome showcases the soft shapes.