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  • Jumping Mouse

      • 12 X 12 inches
      • © 2015
      • Oil on Wood Panel
      • Framed to 14 X 14 inches 
    • Storybook: The Story of Jumping Mouse by John Steptoe Based on a Native American legend, this is the tale of a compassionate, courageous mouse who journeys to a far-off land and becomes a magnificent soaring eagle. Jumping Mouse is story about a little mouse that must face many obstacles on his journey and sacrifices much to help others in need. In the end, he is richly rewarded for his compassion and spirit.

    • Hannah Yata "The pictures forming in my head are ones of domination over nature, the struggle of animals in a changing world, and the effects of a changing world on the animals and humans. Women became the metaphor for mother nature as wild and sexual thing exploited and explored in my work, and animals became the subjects of examining abnormalities and evolution. Taking ideas that I had learned from ideas on feminism, I began to draw parallels in our ways of controlling and objectifying women to how we also think about the earth and its resources therein."

    • This piece will be on exhibit through May 9, 2015 and will be shipped within a week of the exhibition closing date.Shipping costs will be invoiced separately at the time of shipment for this piece. If you would like to arrange a gallery pickup, just add a note when checking out and we will contact you to schedule a time.

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