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  • Jag in the Box

      • 8 x 10 inches
      • © 2014
      • Archival Ink on Rives BFK Paper
      • Framed to 16 x 18 inches
    • Ronnie Ray Mendez is a visual Artist born and bred in Southern California. From childhood he found his voice through music and visual art, and continued through his studies in Fine Art and Illustration at California State University, Fullerton. The subject matter of Ronnie Ray’s work strongly reflects his turbulent childhood and his early exposure to the Dark elements of life. He is a purveyor of Aestheticism, Romanticism, and Symbolism, as he fuses various elements of reason and primal human characteristics. Ronnie Ray’s work is executed with complex detail and classical techniques of stippling and cross-hatching. He is a true conjurer with ink and paper.