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  • Force of Nature

      • Oil on Canvas
      • 12 x 16 in. | 30 x 40 cm.
      • © 2016
      • Framed to 14 x 18 in.
    • The contemporary woman is diverse in nature and circumstance. I chose to represent woman as a universal entity, rather than an individual figure. I wanted to focus attention on the powerful, timeless, enduring quality she possesses as a creative and nurturing force. Even though I have used the symbolism of the pregnant belly in the central figure of the work and the female reproductive organs in the decorative leaf-like framework, I mean creative, fertile and nurturing in a more generalized sense. I realize not all women can bear children, nor do all want to. But I think all women have a creative nature, a positive life force and this can manifest itself in many ways, which may include the raising of their own children or not. The images of water, fish, bees, plants, fruit and cherubs act as a metaphor for abundance, creativity and life.

      Marie Larkin is an Australian Pop Surrealist. Her art embodies an undeniably feminine oeuvre, meticulous execution and attention to detail.  Works in painting, drawing and sculpture  have been inspired by fairytale and nursery rhyme narratives, pop culture, beauty and the feminine persona.. She creates richly coloured, finely detailed, alternate worlds inhabited by beautiful girls, strange and mesmerising, with expressive eyes and dark natures. Most recently, female characters have an undeniable feminine force, strong, empowered and aloof. Her bodies of work continue to mature, gaining greater sophistication of style and consistency throughout.. Paintings and drawings retain her signature women who embue the works with narrative and emotional content. 

      Marie Larkin has a Bachelor of Art Education and has been a visual artist and art teacher since 1980. She gained national recognition and success in the 1990’s as an embroiderer.

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