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  • Death & The Maidens

      • Oil on birch wood panel
      • 7 x 7 in. 
      • © 2017
      • 10 x 10 in. (f)
    • Steve Lawson is an emerging British artist making his mark within the international arts market. Being Self taught Steve has been a professional artist since turning his life around whilst serving a lengthy prison term for armed robbery. During his youth Steve shunned the restraints regulations laws and expectations of society living instead a carefree reckless life with abandon adventure and threw himself into the darker underbelly of society.

      Leaving his former life behind him Steve used the time to positive effect indulging in his love of art and continues to use his art as an expression of himself and the world around him thus his art becoming his outlet, his playground in which to run free.. 

      It wasn't long before Steve was exhibiting in open shows such as the discerning eye and the affordable arts fair in London from behind prison walls as well as several commissions from the UK prisons management. 
      Recognising Steve's talent and passion for the arts a position within the arts department of teaching assistant and full time mural artist was soon made for him. 

      Since his release Steve’s reputation as a fine artist as continued to grow and he hasn't looked back. 
      Having Exhibited internationally and around the UK Steve has been a featured artist in art books magazines and other such printed publications and continues to grow as an emerging artist.