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  • Classic Beauty

      • 10 x 10 inches
      • © 2012
      • Polymer Clay & Mixed Media
      • 50% of this sale will to go to an Oceanic-preservation charity of the buyers choosing (The artist can choose if they are undecided)
    • Emily Slade (aka Mushroomish) is a self taught,  full time working painter and sculpture who has been featured in many national publications, dozens of juried art shows, and is collected around the world.

      I am a public organizer and artist, mother and wife. I change my own oil, start non-profit groups for fun, and just generally have my finger on the pulse of the local DIY art scene. Caught somewhere in between art junky and business tycoon, I find dedication to my work to be unwavering, dynamic, and exciting. I work, work, work, and I love it. I also enjoy salt water fishing for sharks,  going to the zoo, collecting records, watching old horror films, thrifting almost anything, gluing elbow macaroni to my elbows to look like boobies, and drinking strong coffee in new and exciting weirdo hang-outs.” ~Emi
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