Stephanie Jucker

Bhumi and the Buttercups

Shipping Info
    • Oil and 22K gold on panel
    • 9 x 7 in. 
    • © 2023
    • 16 x 11 in. (f) 
    • Vintage tilting frame
    • Framing included 
  • Stephanie Jucker is an exhibiting artist who uses mixed media and printing techniques in her paintings, books and art installations. Originally from London, where she earned her BFA, Stephanie has an MFA from Syracuse in painting, printmaking and ceramics. She is currently exhibiting at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and teaches at College of Marin and San Francisco Center for the Book.

    Her recent work is informed by the geometry of insects and flowers, and her garden like installations are playful and immersive. Her use of recycled materials invites you to think about the garden as something a little more complicated - something with opinions of its own about procreation, ecological change, and human intervention.