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  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine: Issue 020

      • Perfect-Bound
      • Published © 2018
    • Pick up your copy of this exciting re-launch issue to check out a fascinating intimate in-depth interview with one of Australia’s most iconic contemporary artists, Del Kathryn Barton; a look at the synergy at play in the work of creative street and fine art duo HERAKUT; how pop-surrealism queen Tara McPherson is forging a brave new path in a changing art landscape; and discover how Kim Leutwyler work is not just figurative painting but a discourse on equality. Kim Larson of Modern Eden Gallery provides us with a fascinating insight into what artwork a prominent Gallerist would like to add to her personal collection; Nadezda takes us through the creation of an artwork; and Redd Walitzki has a deeply personal conversation with fellow artist Jana Brike about being a woman in today’s society, rights of passage, the beauty and mystery of the feminine, life and art.beautifully bizarre, exquisitely evocative, viscerally passionate, cutting edge art to pique your senses

      beautiful.bizarre is a taste of the sublime, the bizarre and the strikingly beautiful. Our never ending and all consuming passion for art leads us down the rabbit hole and into a world of heightened sensory experience …
      join us in wonderland.

      beautiful.bizarre is a quarterly boutique publication which introduces and showcases cutting edge creatives to art lovers, collectors and the broader community, in all mediums including traditional and digital art, sculpture, and photography, in a beautifully designed, high quality digital and print art book style publication.

      Our mission is to encourage, grow and promote talented artists whose work goes beyond conservative contemporary art. beautiful.bizarre is the place where the dark, the evocative, and the beautifully bizarre are celebrated and readers can discover a decadent alternative to mainstream art.

      beautiful.bizarre also details upcoming exhibitions from galleries and festivals around the world, matching the style and tone of the publication.

      Selected special editions of beautiful.bizarre include a themed Group Exhibition special feature that shows unique one off artworks from multiple artists.