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  • Away With Me

      • 16 x 20 inches
      • © 2013
      • Oil on Panel
      • Framed to 20 x 24 inches
    • "I was always interested in the world around me, and more importantly the things I couldnt see. I was drawn to fantasy and other worlds only obtainable through my imagination. That interest led to my love of creating art, and is the reason I became a self taught artist.

      There has always been an attraction to fairy tales, legends, myths, and childrens books. I like the limitless nature of imagination in them, the possibility, and the danger. The inspiration from these stories had led me to use my painting as a way of storytelling.

      The majority of my subjects are females. I prefer this because of the subtle yet complex emotion and beauty they can express. I try to pinpoint certain themes that focus on duality. For instance, the struggle between good and evil, sanity and insanity, tragedy and comedy, strength and fragility, and all things opposites. I feel that opposites create an interesting balance." ~Matthew J. Price