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  • As the Smoke Clears

      • Acrylic on canvas
      • 16 x 16 in.
    • Alec Huxley (B. 1980) is a painter, photographer and graphic designer living in San Francisco, California.

      Filled with contrast, his work is primarily figurative. Bleak and colorful, it focuses on urban and desert landscapes of the American West Coast. Cinematic-like scenes serve as stylized historical records of place, time and architecture as well as settings for surreal narratives. A self taught painter, his background includes studies in business, graphic design, photography and a career in printing before committing to fine art full-time in 2009.

      Alec was raised in California, Alaska, Texas, Scotland and spent his 20's in Seattle, Washington.

      He is also the founder and principal of Adult Flavored Pudding, an art and design entity of a more contemporary nature.