• On View: November 6–December 2, 2021

    We are thrilled to present the latest gallery solo exhibition of oil paintings by Bay Area artist Lacey Bryant.

    We Shall All Be Kings is a collection of scenes from a dream––of a dystopian future––the landscape is barren, overgrown, littered and disheveled. Peaceful scenes of reclaimed nature contrast with ominous skies and flooded buildings. Surreal elements blur the line between reality and fiction.

    The mostly youthful figures that wander through the majority of these scenes act out a range of emotions from despair to denial. Resilient and disobedient, they display a defiant optimism in the face of an uncertain future––making the best of a bad situation and a game out of the end of the world.

    Lacey Bryant lives in the SF bay area where she paints almost every day. Her expressive oil paintings capture haunting narratives between her subjects. Characters inhabit a realm of strange, nostalgic sweetness with undercurrents of darkness and mystery. Lacey created The Slow Tarot series and tarot deck published by the gallery in 2019.
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