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  • Charming (The Spirits)

      • 18 x 24 inches
      • © 2012
      • Acrylic on Framed Panel
      • Framed
    • "In this piece, a young fox wears the Seal of Merbeulis talisman, which is used for captivating and controlling all those they encounter. It is best suited for rituals and spells that involve charming others. This amulet enables the wearer to be more charming and charismatic, enhancing their attraction energies.

      Here,the fox is conjuring, or charming the spirits of several departed animals; a peacock, a raven, a mourning dove and a fawn. Around him are red roses symbolizing charm, and foam flowers which mean “attractive” in Victorian Flower Language, or Floriography."

      View the study of "Charming (The Spirits)" here: http://www.moderneden.com/collections/talisman/products/charming-the-spirits-study
    • Cory Benhatzel was born and raised in the town of Amherst, New York. At eighteen she moved to Los Angeles where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art & Design. Cory has since returned to New York where she currently resides with her husband and daughter-cat, Moogle. Cory Benhatzel’s paintings are inspired by the occult, natural history and Norse Paganism. The painstakingly created acrylic works deal with themes of the doppelganger, divination, victory, protection, the dance between life and death, triumph, and love.
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