Cory Benhatzel Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: August 11- September 9, 2012
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11a - 7pm

Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce “Talisman”, a debut solo exhibition by New York based artist Cory Benhatzel.   Talisman combines the occult, floriography symbolism, and Benhatzel’s own mystical world of animal characters. A talisman is an amulet or other object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers. It is also  a sentimental object or souvenir that when looked at years later, evokes emotion. These illustrative paintings are all about the secretive unseen; the hidden mystical. Every animal lives a secret life, every flower has a hidden meaning, and each talismanic symbol wields magic.

For more information please contact Modern Eden: (415) 956-3303, Info@ModernEden.com