• November 22–24, 2019
    Anaheim Convention Center

    Booth #3629 

    We were in Anaheim for Beyond Eden featuring new works by gallery artists Lacey Bryant and Erika Sanada alongside a group exhibition of contemporary Bay-Area and Northern California artists including Sandra Yagi, Mary Syring, Daniel Segrove, Ransom + Mitchell, Robert Bowen, Alec Huxley, Philip Hua, Adam Caldwell, Martin Hsu, Sergio Lopez, Glenn Arthur, Tracy Lewis, Amandalynn, Chris Leib, Laura Buss, and Catherine Moore.

    Beyond Eden

    For 14 years, DesignerCon has been a destination for designer toy brands, collectible artists and the people who love them. Now, for the first time ever, the convention will have a traditional art space dedicated to the new contemporary, lowbrow, pop surrealist and outsider art movements. On the heels of Littletopia that drew crowds at the LA Art Show, Beyond Eden is spearheaded by Thinkspace Projects founder Andrew Hosner, as a way to connect DesignerCon attendees directly to the larger art world. 

    Picking up where Greg Escalante's Littletopia left off, Hosner's Beyond Eden will be exhibiting many of the artists DCON attendees already know and love, plus the galleries who rep them, and other artists in their repertoire.

    The inaugural archway welcoming attendees into the new section will be designed by Carlos Ramirez formerly of the Date Farmers artist collective. The Date Farmers were a duo who created paintings and assemblages steeped in California's Mexican-American experience, that reference street art, posters of the Mexican Revolution, and popular tropes of Hollywood and the media.

    Galleries that were part of the 2019 programming include:

    Thinkspace Projects, La Luz De Jesus, KP Projects, Dark Art Emporium, Modern Eden Gallery, Tierra Del Sol Foundation

    BEyond Eden