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  • Tales of the City: Curated with Monty Guy

    Opening Reception: Saturday, December 16, 6 pm–9 pm
    Exhibition Dates: December 16–December 30, 2017

    San Francisco is a city that has historically inspired creatives and artists and has been a haven for free-thinkers. The current environment of rapid development and culture shifts have changed the way we are able to live, work, and survive, particularly in the creative community. We invited artists with a connection toSan Francisco to create a work inspired by The City by the Bay. Whether it’s a love story or one of more heartbreak or struggle, we wanted to hear the voices that make up the City, past and present.

    Featuring: Robert Bowen, Amandalynn, Doug Rhodes, Steve Javiel, Brett Crawford, Kim Huynh, Joshua Lawyer, Ransom & Mitchell, Mary Syring, MJ Lindo, Adam Caldwell, Amy Ahlstrom, Mel Alves, Leon Loucheur, Abel Manalo, Michael Cuffe, Elizabeth Ashcroft, Gillian Keller, Alec Huxley, Matt Hunter, Max Ehrman, Spencer Davie, Dianne Hoffman & Paul Madonna.