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    June 2013 -  Fiction: 2nd Annual Portrait Invitational Curated by Bradley Platz

    May 2013 - Between Lost and FoundHelice Wen Solo Exhibition & The Language of Flowers Group Show

    April 2013 - SPECTRA:John Wentz Solo Exhibition & DeconstructGroup Show

    March 2013 - Tarot: Art of Fortune Curated by Warholian's Michael Cuffe

    View Tarot: Art of Fortune

    February 2013 -Bound: Archer Dougherty Solo Exhibition & Venice: International Group Exhibition

    View Bound Here                                          View Venice Here

    January 2013 - Just East of Here: Ahren Hertel and Jaxon Northon Duo Show

    View Just East of Here Online

    December 2012-Ascension: Leilani Bustamante Solo Exhibition & Nevermore:Group Show  


    View Ascension Online               View Nevermore Online 


    November 2012- Trinity: Doubleparlour Solo Exhibition & Allied Forces:Group Show



    October 2012-Moon GoddessExhibit: Curated by Aunia Kahn & Russell J. Moon 

    September 2012-Blood & Marble: Bradley Platz Solo Exhibition & The Altar Project:Group Show


    View Blood & Marble Online 


    August 2012- Talisman: Cory Benhatzel Solo Exhibition & Dark Art: A Tribute to Metal Group Show 


     July 2012- SheWolf: Chelsea Brown Solo Exhibition & Myth Group Show



    June 2012- Notorious: International Group Exhibit Curated by Bradley Platz


    May 2012- Pagan Poetry: Tino Rodriguez & Virgo Paraiso Duo Exhibition 

    April 2012- Sacred Spring: Sergio Lopez Solo Exhibition


     March 2012 - Wayward Fairytales: Guest Curated by Jeff Felker & Glenn Arthur


    February 2012 - 2nd Annual Menagerie: Benefit Exhibit for the San Francisco SPCA


    January 2012 - Soliloquies from the Silent Country: Lacey BryantSolo Exhibition



     December 2011 -  Bundles: Laura Buss Solo Exhibition



    November 2011 - Primal Renderings: Sandra Yagi Solo Exhibition


     October 2011 - Your Deadly Desserts: Scott Hove Solo Exhibition



    August 2011 - Prey: Leilani Bustamante Solo Exhibition


    July 2011 - The Order: Bradley Platz and Michael Ryan Duo Exhibition




    April 2011 - Painted Roses: Sergio Lopez Solo Exhibition




     February 2011 - Menagerie:Benefit Exhibit for the San Francisco SPCA



    November 2010 - SCW: Alphonzo Solorzano, Miguel Felipe, & Terrance Hughes Group Exhibition



    September 2010 - Reliquaries: Michael Ryan, Billy Davis & Natasha Dikareva



    August 2010 - Nocturnal: The Esoteric Botanica of Nicomi Nix Turner - Solo Exhibition




    June 2010 - Grand Opening: Group Exhibition