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    Opening Reception: Saturday October 19, 2013 6-10 pm || Exhibition Dates: October 19 - November 2, 2013


    Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce The Gastromancers, a solo exhibition of new sculptures by the San Francisco based artistic duo, Doubleparlour. The pair returns to the gallery after last year’s sold-out solo exhibition, Trinity, with a brand new body of work entitled, The Gastromancers.


    Founded in November 2007, Doubleparlour is Ernie and Cassandra Velasco. They are a husband and wife artistic collaboration living in San Francisco, CA. Cassandra has a B.A. in Fine Art from Humboldt State University and Ernie is a self taught artist. The Lower-Haight based duo has been featured in numerous online publications and print magazines. Since last year’s exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery, Doubleparlour has been nominated for Break-through Artist of the Year for the 2013 Designer Toy Awards in NYC.

    Doubleparlour produces work in a variety of mediums; however, their primary focus is on making hand-formed resin sculptures.  They strive to produce well-crafted artwork.  The work includes a broad range of characters in different emotional states; including alien monsters, animal hybrids, mutated humans, and anthropomorphic figures.

    About The Gastromancers: This body of work is built off a narrative of transformation, creativity and circumstance. This tale revolves around the characters and creatures that live in and around a small cottage. The focal point of the story is a father and daughter who have mastered the art of throwing one's voice. They make and sell their ventriloquist dolls out the storefront of their cottage. Once the voice fills the hollow doll's forms, they seem to take on a life of their own.

    With it's origins in fortune telling and the supernatural, the term Gastromancy comes from early superstition that the voice coming from the stomach of the ventriloquist are sounds from spirits or ghosts.

    The opening reception forThe Gastromancers  will be held at Modern Eden Gallery on Saturday, October 19th from 6-10pm. Featured artists, Ernie and Cassandra Velasco (Doubleparlour) will be in attendance at the reception. The exhibition will be on display through November 2, 2013 and is free and open to the public.  

    The first 50 attendees at the opening will receive a complimentary, limited edition Gastromancers print, signed by the artists.Comic books created by the artists will also be given out at the opening, illustrating the various sculptural characters fromThe Gastromancers exhibition.