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  • Adam Ziskie: Who Will Tend the Garden?

    December 12, 2015–January 2, 2016

    Modern Eden Gallery presents Who Will Tend the Garden?, the debut solo exhibition of new paintings byAdam Ziskie.

    Exhibition statement from the artist:“Who Will Tend the Garden?” focuses on the phenomenon of the shrinking city. Growing up between Flint, MI and Detroit, MI has made de-urbanization a pretty common visual. While Detroit is having a bit of a current renaissance, not all cities are experiencing the same revitalization. “Who Will Tend the Garden?” focuses on what will become of the infrastructure built for a population that is no longer there.

    Constructed almost entirely of overlapping circles, with areas of pure draftsmanship, these paintings continue my focus on what I’ve termed “circlevision.” While I incorporate ink and graphite, my works are predominantly watercolor which I’ve always had a strong affinity for. When you paint with oil or acrylic there is a texture and form to even the thinnest layers of paint, but when you paint with watercolor it is nothing more than a strategically placed stain on a piece of paper. Watercolor paintings are paintings at their most basic truth--an illusion of form and shape.

    Adam Ziskie, previously a working artist in San Francisco, is a new Austin resident. He has shown his work extensively in the Bay Area at White Walls, Shooting Gallery, Gauntlet Gallery, 111 Minna, Spoke Art, and Modern Eden. He holds his B.F.A. from Montserrat College of Art. While Adam works primarily in watercolor, he also has created freelance designs for Airbnb, completed multiple murals and lead mural projects for Facebook.

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