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  • The Orbiting Sympathies of a Drifting Heart

      • Watercolor, pastel, acrylic ink, and varnish      
      • 14 x 6 in. 
      • © 2020
      • 19 x 11 in. (f) 
    • Jeannie Lynn Paske is a self-taught artist from Portland, Oregon who creates introspective work under the name Obsolete World. Using a mix of watercolor, charcoal, pastel, graphite, varnish and ink, she designs richly textured illustrations of peculiar creatures in thought-provoking settings. The mysteries of life, loss and loneliness are reoccurring themes, and her compositions often focus on the strange and unexplained. Many of her pieces reference philosophy with a nod to both the melancholy and humorous. Her soft sparse environments suggest a warm, dreamlike state, and the emotional imagery paired with her poetic titles help to convey a sense of gentle curiosity in her work.