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  • Sisters of Babylon

      • *Collaboration with Tammy Mae Moon
      • Oil on Linen
      • © 2015
      • 20 x 20 in. 
    • The 20/20 Projectis an exciting collaboration group show featuring some of our favorite contemporary artists working with a fellow artist to create one unique vision.Collaboration—or joint production by two artists—is a common style among musicians and performance artists. It has not been as popular in the world of art, and especially in modern art. But the strong sense of individualism long possessed by artists of fine art is being set aside for this dynamic project.

    • Christina Ridgeway (formally Christina Lank) was born in Maryland, USA just outside of Washington D.C. As a child she was constantly drawing, in particular making story books just pictures without words. Getting in trouble for drawing on desks instead of paying attention in class and covering her bedroom walls in doodles was common practice!
      Despite being very active in art classes up until her senior year, she moved to Berlin, Germany at the age of 18 and spent the next few years traveling Europe.
      By the end when she reached Sweden she decided it was time to begin painting again – as an artist never feels content or whole unless they are creating!
      She still resides in southern Sweden with her family painting with acrylics and oils telling stories in solitary pictures with which she now shares with the world.

      Tammy Mae Moon is currently a Lexington, KY based self-taught artist. Tammy was born in 1975 and grew up in the magical, enchanted forests of the Ozark Mountains. Her first artistic influences, like many artists, were the Pre-Raphaelites. Their portrayals of myth entranced her as did their ability to paint her inner world. Though she loved to draw as a kid, it took a few years after earning a degree in Antiquities before she realized it was art all along that had her heart and soul.

      Moon is predominately an figurative painter working in oils, acrylics and soft pastel. Her art borders somewhere between Pop Surrealism and Fantasy with a strong sense of emotion in the eyes of her subjects. She explores themes of feminine strength and vulnerability and weaves this with shamanism, occult symbolism, and myth to portray various archetypes of women.

      Her work has appeared in periodicals such as Beyond Fantasy Magazine, Catapult Art Magazine, and her work "Lilith" graced the cover of the Denmark Science Fiction journal Novum. She has showed her work all over the United States and has work in collections as far away as Australia.