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Love for art was in the air this past Saturday for the dual opening of Melissa Morgan's With Reverence and our sculptural group show Roar. Patrons delighted in meeting the artists and engaging with Morgan's stunning portraits and the wildly dimensional works from our animal-themed exhibition.

Both shows are on view through February 27, 2016 at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. 

On Saturday, January 9th Modern Eden welcomed the return of curator Stephanie Chefas to the gallery after two consecutive years of acclaimed exhibitions. This year, Chefas is resurrecting last year’s Platinum Blend moniker and presenting hand-selected artists from all over the world who are creating fresh, new works that exemplify Chefas’ curatorial eye.

Platinum Blend 2 is on display through February 6, 2016 and is free and open to the public. View the works online >>

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, Modern Eden debuted Maryanna Hoggatt's latest Animal Battle series, All Aboard the Dreamboat. Gallery patrons delighted in the full gallery installation while getting an opportunity to chat with the Portland-based artist. Dive into Hoggatt's magical world with some pics from the installation and opening night: 

All Aboard the Dreamboat is on view through December 5 at the gallery, be sure to stop by and see us soon!

On Saturday October 10, 2015 Modern Eden debuted Redd Walitki's latest series, Exquisite Corpse along with a group show Verdant co-curated with Walitzki. Gallery patrons were treated to an inspired performance by Redd's sister, Roxanna Walitzki all while gazing upon the beautiful works inspired by entropy, new growth, and our fascination with death and the tragic muse.

All photos © Kim Huynh Photography


On Saturday September 12, 2015 Modern Eden debuted "A Lovelorn Theft", our debut solo exhibition with Seattle-based artist Kari-Lise AlexanderIn this new series, Alexander’s work is inspired by tales of swan maidens and selkies of Nordic folklore. Gallery patrons were thrilled to meet the artist in person and marvel over the details in her intricate and intriguing oil paintings.

In addition to 'A Lovelorn Theft', we are featuring 'The 20/20 Project' a group show featuring contemporary artists working with a fellow artist to create one unique vision. Collaboration—or joint production by two artists—is a common style among musicians and performance artists. It has not been as popular in the world of art, and especially in modern art. But the strong sense of individualism long possessed by artists of fine art was set aside for this dynamic project.

Both exhibitions are on view through October 3, 2015 at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. 


On Saturday August 15, 2015 Modern Eden debuted "Fighting Spirit", our second solo exhibition of new ceramic sculptures by Erika SanadaIn this new series, Sanada’s work has evolved with more motion and gesture allowing a more dynamic style of storytelling in her most compelling pieces to date. Gallery patrons were thrilled to see her dimensional works in person and the artist delighted in her nearly sold-out opening night. 


On our back Project Wall, we are featuring North Carolina painter and gallery favorite, Henry Schreiber with his newest series of marmot portraits aptly titled "Here, Hold This". These new portraits explore the complex and comical emotions of marmots as they are faced with holding unexpected things. Some longtime collectors came through to scoop up a few new additions along with a few new collectors who were able to meet Schreiber in person for the first time. 


On Saturday July 11, 2015 Modern Eden debuted "Reverie", a solo exhibition of new paintings by Kurtis Rykovich. Utilizing a bold color palette and with a skillful hand, the artist portrays graceful and captivating subjects who embody both darkness and light. With a vibrant intensity, they encourage the viewer to let the extraordinary surroundings take over and encounter these beautiful, yet dangerous worlds.

On our back Project Wall, we are featuring Bay Area sculptor, Wesley T. Wright with his series of ceramic works titled "No More Horizons". Our gallery patrons enjoyed Rykovich's alluring paintings and Wright's captivating sculptures all under one roof on a beautiful San Francisco evening in North Beach. 

Kurtis Rykovich's Reverie and Wesley T. Wright's No More Horizons are on view through August 8, 2015 at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. 

On Saturday June 13, 2015 Modern Eden debuted "Superhero", an homage to the champions and defenders of the world through the eyes of top contemporary artists. Our *SUPER* patrons and artists admired the art and helped us celebrate the gallery's 5th year anniversary.


The show is on view through July 3, 2015 and online at

On Saturday May 16, 2015 Modern Eden opened ‘The Mad Hatter’, the US debut of French artist, Marc le Rest. Le Rest’s oil paintings evolve like fashion collections, mixing the raw nature of the animal kingdom with culturally-rooted fabric hats and outfits. In conjunction with Marc le Rest's series, "Golden" was on display, an art exhibition dedicated to the fabulous and fancy— from gilded opulence to the modern baroque. Our glittering patrons and artists enjoyed the shining works hung in salon-style on the front gallery walls. Both shows are on view through June 6, 2015.