by Jessica Violetta August 11, 2016

Delighted to have the company of friends far and wide, last week we gathered for Jana Brike's latest solo show as well as an intimate musical serenade by Anomie Belle who sat beside a wall of artwork from her new album "Flux".

Jana, here all the way from Latvia, embodied the same poise and intricacy as her work while graciously mingling with collectors and other visiting artists. Her beautiful oil paintings fill the majority of the gallery, seeming to take us through a fairytale-like experience from an intriguingly conscious perspective.

Adjacently, a colorful wall of work features the same subject seen by 14 different artists, many of which were in attendance. Toward the end of the evening, Anomie Belle sat with her acoustic guitar and sang beautifully for the crowd. Hearing her while seeing the work brought out the beautiful commonality, confirmed by Anomie, which is a feeling of appearing and disappearing simultaneously.

Various conversations being had between artists and friends.


Jana Brike with her piece "The End of the Lonesome Road", a feature of her show "Superabundance of Ordinary Being"


Another angle of art discussion and camaraderie.


Musical artist Anomie Belle with feature solo artist Jana Brike.


A glimpse of the two shows at once.


Admiring a colorful corner of Jana's work.


Anomie Belle singing and playing beside the collection of work for her new album, "Flux".


Redd Walitzki, one of the group show artists, with her lazer cut and mixed media piece "Anomie Belle 004" in the background.


Enjoying the rare acoustic sounds of Anomie Belle, who typically plays electronic music.


The front of the gallery showing four of Jana's larger pieces in a peaceful natural light.


Jana Brike's Superabundance of Ordinary Being and Anomie Belle: Flux group show are both on display until September 10th, 2016.

Jessica Violetta
Jessica Violetta

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