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  • April 05, 2020 3 min read

    Today we check in with Bay Area painter and muralist Amandalynn. We took this opportunity to ask her a few questions about how she's coping with our stay-at-home order and also discuss her upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery. Enjoy!  

    KL: How are handling the stay at home order?

    A: Staying at home has been a very new experience for me, as I usually spend a lot of my time traveling on different projects. I understand and respect the importance of staying in place now for the prevention of expanding this pandemic. I usually do not get a lot of concentrated studio I time, and I am finding it a peaceful experience. It has been nice to slow down and focus on studio work, family and living a simpler life. The future is incredibly uncertain for all of us, the only thing that has ever gotten me through difficult times is creating art and sharing it with the world, so that is my plan.


    KL: Any silver lining to the extra time at home?

    A: Deadlines are getting met and Cheddar (my dog) couldn't be happier with the concept of me home everyday.

    Amandalynn Diamonds International Grand Cayman

    KL: You have worked on many murals all over the world, what was the most exciting or memorable mural?

    A: Murals are definitely what I miss most during this time of shelter in place. Sharing art for everyone is my most favorite part of mural work, it gives anyone and everyone the chance to experience art in whatever way they choose. The most exciting mural project I have ever done was probably my collaboration piece with Lady Mags in 2014 in downtown San Francisco on 8th and Market Street. It was the largest one I had ever done at that point, and the whole experience was truly life changing. I haven't really painted much smaller since, and look forward to going bigger!

     Alynn & Mags


    KL: How did you get into painting murals?

    A: I have wanted to paint on walls since I was very young. When I was a teenager, my mom gave me the option to paint a mural in our house in exchange for the paying off a speeding ticket I had gotten while she was with me in the car. That project inspired me, and a short time later, I moved to San Francisco, and was introduced to the world of graffiti. It was the most amazing concept to me to just paint on walls for the love of it. I began painting on the streets of San Francisco in 2001 and haven't stopped since.

     Amandalynn 1981 Brewery Mural

    KL: What do you have planned for this year? I hear there is an exciting solo exhibition in your future! ;) 

    A:I am very excited to be working on a solo exhibition with Modern Eden for later this year, including creating a supporting mural production. The concept and the title of the show is 'Full Circle'.

    Amandalynn Land of Wonder

    KL: Can you give us a little info about the concept behind the show?

    A:Coming Full Circle can mean a lot of different things to everyone, especially right now in our world.Through this new series I am excited to create pieces bursting with the symbols of unfurling life and nature, that are hidden behind each one of our lives and decisions. It is amazing to see nature and the planet starting to heal itself as we all start to slow down, I am hoping to capture the hidden beauty behind this growth beyond destruction.


    Amandalynn: Solo Exhibition

    December 2020

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