• Modern Eden Gallery presents Ephemeral, our second major group exhibition curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. Over 60 artists from across the globe have been invited to create an original work considering the themes of fleeting beauty, impermanence, and the momentary expression of art and life.

    From the Curator, Danijela Krha Purssey:
    Almost everything in the universe and our lives is ephemeral or fleeting depending on the time frame, and the lens that we look through.

    If we truly look, and see the diversity and fragility of life, take to heart the transient and fleeting nature of existence – it is our hope that the hearts of all people will be moved to appreciate how precious life and love is, and how very important it is to walk lightly and in harmony with the earth, its creatures and each other.

    Ephemeral, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s second curated exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, brings together over 60 of the world’s best two and three dimensional artists, whom have explored the theme ‘Ephemeral’ through a lens that resonates with each individual, their experiences, thoughts and feelings on the world and society today