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  • Trifid Nebula

      • 16 x 20 inches
      • © 2014
      • Mixed Media, Glitter, and Resin on Panel
    • About the Exhibition:

      Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to present UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence,  a multi-artist exhibition curated and conceived byWarholian’s founder,  Michael Cuffe.  

      This exhibit brings together artists from San Francisco and beyond on the subject of space, the cosmos, galaxies, celestial bodies, planets, stars, and more. Also explored is the larger outer paradigm of the Universe that relates to things of an atomic scale, such as elements of quantum physics, atoms, and energy streams. Each artist has been encouraged to interpret the Universe itself as either an outer or inner world

    • Lyrica Glory is a contemporary artist primarily working with glitter and resin to create beautifully sparkling paintings of color. Her subject matter often delves into the beauty of the female form, and never fails to shine brightly under light.

      The artist is also well known as the Founder of Patron of the Arts, a respected artist print house based in Calistoga, California. The print house features artists Charmaine Olivia, Jenn Porecca, Brenton Bostwick, Steve Javiel, Brianna Angelakis, and many more.

      Glory first became recognized within the San Francisco arts community for her involvement as director at Warholian, an arts documentation project alongside her partner and Warholian Founder Michael Cuffe. Over the years Glory has garnered a knowledge of the arts industry from first hand experience with gallery owners, professional working artists, and museum curators.

      In her spare time, Lyrica sits under trestle in her Napa Valley backyard, working late into the night under bright lights and candles. She uses only glitter and glue to create these beautiful works, while enjoying time in her personal outdoor sanctuary studio.

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