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  • The Love of Idols

      • watercolor on watercolor paper mounted on panel 
      • 8 x 6 in. 
      • © 2021
      • 9 x 7 in. (f) 
      • framing included 
    • Robert Duxbury is a predominantly self taught artists based in Melbourne Australia. Exploring the elusiveness of the deep and complex emotions that reside within our subconscious. Duxbury puts form to these enigmatic emotions with the use of ambiguous symbolism and brooding colour palettes reflecting the subtleties in feelings and emotiona.

      Duxbury spent several years living in the Guangdong province of China where he studied traditional Chinese Gongbi and ink wash painting styles. After almost 15 years of exclusively paint street art his experience in china was the turning point that led him to a more traditional studio based practice.