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  • Sunken

      • 7 x 5 inches
      • © 2013
      • Micron Pen and Watercolor on Cold Press Watercolor Paper
      • Framed to 10 x 8 inches
    • " My relationship with animals and nature has shaped my art since I first put pencil to paper, as has my love of mythology and mutation, both of which tell a story of dramatic, often violent change; there are gods who transform into beasts, or who were born with the heads of animals or a multitude of limbs, and there are gods who cursed humans to take on animal or plant forms as punishment, not to mention the mythological mutant beasts such as the Hydra or Cerberus. Mirroring those ancient myths in often grotesque ways we find in contemporary times that animals are being transformed against their will due to interactions with human pollutants; frogs with triplicate legs and blind eyes, cows with shriveled sets of legs growing out of their backs, two faced piglets being born on factory farms and radioactive fish rotting from the inside while still alive, plus so many more. I am interested in the power of these mutations both for their mythological remnants and their dire environmental implications.

      Although I had long intended to go to school for wildlife biology I wound up choosing to study fine art at Pratt Institute, where I graduated from the Fine Art department with my BFA in 2009. Although I now live and work in Oakland CA, it is the mountains and oceans of my childhood that are echoed in my work, my love for the natural world and fear for its loss. As humanity encroaches ever further upon the remnants of wilderness left in the world I hope to allow some sense of wilderness to encroach back upon those people who view my work." ~Caitlin Hackett
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