Erica Calardo

Requiem for a Dream

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    • Oil on linen
    • 50 x 70 cm. | 20 x 28 in.
    • © 2017
  • "As a child I was ok, just a little bit too inquisitive and just a little bit too obsessed by drawing and art history. So when I grew up I got a degree in philosophy and a phd in mathematical logic, and then I decided to follow my lifelong passion for visual arts and thus attended the Fine Art Academy of Bologna (illustration and comics, fine arts). I am geeky. I know that. 

    In 2009 with Soulfood Community I founded Soupy Records, a project involving both music and visual arts. 

    I am currently living and working in Bologna, italy. My favourite medium is traditional oil painting, though I enjoy watercolours as well. I paint over canvas, wood panels, old golden frames and whatever I find in my cellar. 

    I love illustration and fairy tales, old christmas postcards, ancient greek, latin, logic and baroque patterns." ~ Erica Calardo

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