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  • Proteus

      • Acrylic on wood cut    
      • ~19 x 19 x 1 in. 
      • © 2020
    • Carly Ealey is a self-taught fine artist, muralist, and photographer based out of San Diego, California. With a natural inclination to painting portraits and figures of women in her work, she is drawn to the seductive and celestial while exploring an introspective view of human existence, spirituality, and the natural world. Carly prefers acrylic ink on wood panels when painting small, and a combination of paint and aerosol when working on large-scale murals. Carly is passionate about the ocean and has participated in and produced mural festivals for Pangeaseed Foundation's Sea Walls in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation and her artist organization, Cohort Collective.

      Carly Ealey has created both large scale art installations and murals at various institutions. In February 2018, she exhibited work at San Diego City College, MOAH - The Lancaster Museum of Art and History in October 2018, The Museum of Oceanside in February 2020, and at the Miami Museum of Graffiti in January 2020. She has participated in prestigious mural festivals like POW WOW, Pangeaseed New Zealand, and has painted murals in Canada for Rust Magic Mural Festival, Mexico, and many music and arts festivals throughout the United States including KAABOO Del Mar, KAABOO Dallas, Soundset Festival Minneapolis, EDC Las Vegas, and Coachella Festival with Global Inheritance.