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  • Peace Love Warrior

      • Oil on canvas
      • 12 x 16 in. | 30 x 40 cm.
      • © 2017
    • Christina Ridgeway (formally Christina Lank) was born in Maryland, USA just outside of Washington D.C. As a child she was constantly drawing, in particular making story books just pictures without words. Getting in trouble for drawing on desks instead of paying attention in class and covering her bedroom walls in doodles was common practice! 

      Despite being very active in art classes up until her senior year, she moved to Berlin, Germany at the age of 18 and spent the next few years traveling Europe. 

      By the end when she reached Sweden she decided it was time to begin painting again – as an artist never feels content or whole unless they are creating! 

      She still resides in southern Sweden with her family painting with acrylics and oils telling stories in solitary pictures with which she now shares with the world.