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  • Nostalgic Relic: Classic Nintendo Controller

      • Each piece sold separately.
      • Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted
      • ~4.5 x 2 inches
      • Porcelain & Glaze Ceramic Sculpture
      • Handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area
    • ABOUT
      ​ I was born in 1983 and grew up in Berkeley California. After High School I attended Humboldt State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in ceramics in 2007. I’ve been exhibiting and selling work around the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally since 2008. I recieved my Master of Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University in the fall of 2013.

      ​In observing the creations of man and nature I am absorbed by the grotesque and eccentric, as well as the beautiful. For this reason I’m compelled to magnify their idiosyncrasies. I’m interested in the interaction between various forms and textures both visually and conceptually. Each element of my sculptures brings its own connotations, symbolism, and metaphor, which combine to transform in to new provocative narratives. Through these narratives I explore the interface between man and nature, and suggest a mythology that is based on our modern circumstances.

      As I live my life, I collect ideas, imagery, and objects that fascinate me. From this reservoir I draw the inspiration for my work.

      Some of my symbolism is obvious and some more obscure, but all chosen to help process and critique the world around me. My work is successful if the viewer is filled with wonderment in the same way that I am seduced by the awe of the things that I experience.

      I work primarily with stoneware clay fired to midrange temperature. I build with slabs, armatures, thrown parts, and handmade molds. These molds are made from found, as well as constructed objects and textures. I generally begin coloring my work with a base coat of carefully blended underglaze which is set fired. I then build up layers of stain and dry brushing in order to create more depth, enhance texture, and give richer variation of color. I often use paints, resins, and wood-stains to finish off my surfaces. Sometimes I use mixed media when I need to go beyond the limitations of clay. These objects are either found, constructed or both.