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  • MerMomma

      • Acrylic, graphite ink, on Yupo paper  
      • 20 x 24 in. 
      • © 2020 
      • 22 x 26 in. (f) 
    • Alynn-Mags, known individually as Amandalynn and Lady Mags. Amandalynn and Lady Mags, who both live in San Francisco, generate over two decades of experience between them. Amanda Lynn is a fine artist who works in illustration, painting, conservation, and mural art. Lady Mags is a graffiti writer and fine artist who works with everything from spray paint to watercolor. Together the duo partakes in many legal graffiti and mural collaborations that bring the walls of San Francisco alive. Since combining their efforts just a couple of years ago in 2011, Alynn-Mags have established more than street cred, they’ve managed to capture the art world and the Bay Area’s eyes and hearts.