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  • Isolation

      • 24 x 36 inches
      • © 2012
      • Gouache and Acrylic on Wood
      • Framed to 30 x 42 inches
    • Ascension:

      Ever changing, not of body but of self.
      As beings we shroud ourselves with trivial needs of the physical-
      We must be accepted.
      We must be admired.
      We must be validated.
      We lock ourselves down by the weight of our own existence held under veils of self created conceit and imagined glory.
      Our vanity is well learned and far reaching.

      This new body of work reflects the struggle to give purpose, quality and meaning to the darkness, to reach the state of transcendence of form into energy, emotion and consciousness. We endeavor to rise beyond our shared corporeal phantasms to a seat of elevated knowledge. Our Ascendant spirits reveals truth, substance and soul. We can allow ourselves to be in the world and be changed by it, starting with the change within.
    • Leilani Bustamante was born in Santa Rosa California and is a graduate of the Academy of Art University. She grew up between the suburban sprawl and rural Fort Bragg, where she draws inspiration from their simultaneous decay and growth. Her work often voices themes of mortality exploring elements of death, rebirth, beauty and spoil, the loveliness of the macabre and the mournful influence of osteological motifs. She currently lives and works in San Francisco and graduated from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.