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  • I Hate This Place

      • Oil on panel
      • 12 x 12 in.
      • © 2018 
      • Framed
    • Rachael Bridge is an artist from New York whose oil paintings have gained notoriety in the dark art movement. Rachael's style is a unique take on traditional portraiture, which she warps to create an otherworldly, dreamlike aesthetic. Her works often resemble film stills, offering a snapshot of the protagonist during a moment of a deep, ominous trance. There is a wealth of emotion in the eyes of Rachael’s subjects, and their harrowing stories are told in their luminous gazes. While all of her work presents an elaborate entanglement of melancholy undertones, each delicately rendered painting is a deeply personal, and unique manifestation of the artist herself. The female figure is a constant motif in her work, and each painting stands as a kind of self portrait by presenting notions of femininity which reflect her own experiences. Rachael currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.