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  • Holy Elixir

      • Oil on Canvas 
      • © 2016
      • 24 x 28 in.
      • Framed
    • Exhibition statement from the Curator: Running ‘Platinum Cheese’ has given me a platform to share some of the most innovative voices thriving within today's New Contemporary Art scene. This latest exhibition represents a culmination of my experiences in the art world, and expands upon the dialogue between artist and audience by providing an arena where fans and creatives alike engage under one roof. Each artist was chosen based on my admiration for his or her unique aesthetic as well as his or her ability to captivate the viewer time and time again. When these singular voices are put next to one another, the perspectives "blend"to create a sense of continuity from one work to the next. -Stephanie Chefas

    • People tend to project their own human attributes onto their pets. When animals become personified, the underlying humor provides a stage where the viewer is able to follow the story without becoming completely lost in the human drama. My work is constructed under this assumption and riddled in layers of parables, some idiosyncratic and some universal. By rendering the animals and objects in a realistic manner the underlying meaning of the work blurs into a realm of surreal fantasy. I am uninterested in painting things the way they are, I would rather gather the mundane bits of reality around me, dust them off and polish them until they shine fantastic. I believe everyone can learn how to contort the harsh reality of mere existence into a daily routine of meaningful and magical moments. As one continues down the path of fantastic realism, the mundane is slowly stripped away, until the only two left at the bargaining table are our own fantasies and a more reasonable reality that now has no other option other then to begin the negotiations.

    • This piece will be on exhibit through February 6, 2016 and will be shipped within a week of the exhibition closing date. Shipping costs will be invoiced separately at the time of shipment. For a detailed shipping price quote or expedited services, please contact the gallery. If you would like to arrange a gallery pickup, just add "PICKUP" in the order notes when checking out and we will contact you to schedule a time.

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