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      • Soft pastel and gold leaf on pastel card
      • 14 x 11 in. 
      • © 2017
      • 16 x 13 in. (f)
    • Megan Buccere  is a painter, ceramicist, and teacher. Originally from Murfreesboro, Tennesee, Buccere moved to Louisiana as a teenager where she pursued her love of art. She attended Louisiana State University, holds a BS in Art Education, and has taught advanced and talented high school art for the past 14 years. . Buccere’s work is heavily influenced by pop art of the 1960's and the juxtaposition of fantasy and reality seen in surrealist works. Buccere's painting style has evolved over the past 14 years to into one that now features coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections. Again and again, Buccere leaves us orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. She often creates works that are both beautiful and visually unsettling.