Maryanna Hoggatt

    • Acrylic and Varnish on Cradled Board
    • © 2015
    • 20 x 16 x 2 in.
  • Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to present "All Aboard the Dreamboat", a solo exhibition of new sculptures and paintings by Portland-based visual storyteller, Maryanna Hoggatt. This new series is a continuation of Hoggatt’s ongoing Animal Battle theme. Animal Battle is a visualization of the internal struggle to bring ideas and dreams to life against powerful enemies: Fear and Doubt. Giving a playful identity to the process of discovering new thoughts and pushing them to the forefront of consciousness, the world of Animal Battle is inhabited by colorful characters in both two-dimensional paintings and sculptural resin works.

    All Aboard the Dreamboat is the second chapter of Maryanna Hoggatt’s ongoing series with over twenty new works of fantastical creation, presenting the explorers of our subconscious who seek the ideas and dreams hidden deep inside our minds. Ideas are transported along a dense network of portals, streams, and highways by galaxy-eyed Dream Guides, slow moving Thought Rockets, and trundling Seekers. With “Dreamboat”, Hoggatt continues to build a world with memorable characters and an incredible attention to detail that invites her viewers to explore a little further

    Maryanna Hoggatt was born in the Philippines and raised in Arizona before moving to Portland in 2007. A painter, cartoonist and commercial illustrator, she started developing her “Animal Battle” series in 2013 and continues to explore the fantasy narrative through paintings and sculpture.

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