Stephanie Jucker

After the Storm

Shipping Info
    • 5.82 x 4.13 inches (148 mm x 105 mm)
    • © 2015
    • Ink on 600 gsm Pressed Paper Postcard 
    • Framed to 6 x 8 inches 
  • Wanderlust is an international group exhibition inspired by travel, far-away places, adventurous experiences and fascinating destinations. Participating artists were given identical postcards and asked to create a unique piece for the show inspired by the theme “wanderlust”. Travel via boat, plane, foot, and yes, even jellyfish to your favorite destination in this eclectic and imaginative exhibition!

  • I was born in London but grew up in Essex near Epping Forest. I returned to London for Art School and studied painting, mixed media, and film. Next I went off to New York to do my MFA. Eventually I moved to California and settled in Marin in 1991.

    Much of my childhood was spent making dresses and homes for my dolls. I also loved going for nature walks in the forest with my dad looking for mushrooms and longing to see a deer but never actually seeing one because they’d all been hunted to extinction. Music, dancing and fairies were important to me, and I had a deep love of animals and Mary Poppins. All these things still preoccupy me today...longing, flight, and magic.

    I work mainly with oil paint over mixed media such as glitter, silver leaf and graphite. The fact that paint can create illusions and imaginary stuff was underrated by my early art teachers but is something I value. I enjoy letting the work take me to new places, into books, 3D, and installations. Any material is ok if it helps me tell the stories, the stories are often about the materials. Anyway there you have it, a brief history of me.-
    Stephanie Jucker

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