The Art of Art: Curated by Michael Cuffe

Opens Saturday August 14, 6–9 pm
The Art of Art at Modern Eden Gallery

We are pleased to present the latest group exhibition curated by Michael Cuffe of Warholian. 

The Art of Art focuses on works that explore the tools and imagery of the visual arts. From paintbrushes to color wheels, this immersive show celebrates
the artist in the studio and the world of the painter, the sculptor, and beyond. The Art of Art turns the mirror on the artist, exploring the very foundations of what has made the visual medium succeed for centuries.

This large scale reception will feature 100+ artists and is a celebration of the rebirth of the arts in San Francisco. We will be hosting a reception at the gallery (per covid regulations in the city at the time) and are looking for works that commemorate this moment in history!
Featuring the work of:
Adam Caldwell
Alec Huxley
Allison Reimold
Andrea Guzzetta
Arik Ehle
Aunia Kahn
Caia Koopman
Carly Janine Mazur
Catherine Moore
Charles Keiger
Cody Seekins
Daniel Chen
Daniel Valadez
Daryll Pierce
David Natale
D Young V
Diana Ormanzhi
Emily Fromm
Fafi Birtak
Felicia Ann
Gigi Chen
Gina Altadonna
Glenn Arthur
Grace Wang
Hannah Webb
Happy D
Helice Wen
Holly Matthews
Howard Lyon
Isabel Samaras
Jaclyn Alderete
Jana Brike
Jane Lee
Jessica Sillus
Jessica So Ren Tang
Jodie Herrera
John Casey
John Osgood
John Walker
Joseph Lorusso
Josh Thurman
Joshua Coffy
Joshua Lawyer
Julie Filipenko
Juliet Schreckinger
Kelly McKernan
Kelsey Bowen
Kierstin Young
Kim Leutwyler
Lacey Bryant
Lana Kohn
Lara Dann
Lauren Saxton
Lee Harvey Roswell
Leilani Bustamante
MJ Lindo-Lawyer
Mandy Tsung
Mara Bubblegum
Marcos Lafarga
Margaret Morales
Maria Carmela
Marie-Eve Proteau
Mark Bryan
Maryam Gohar
Michael Camarra
Olympia Altimir
PX Miranda
Ransom & Mitchell 
Raul D’Mauries
Raúl Guerra
Regina Sattarova
Richard Ahnert
Richard J. Oliver
Ricky Watts
Robin Galante
Sarah McCloskey
Skye Becker
Sofia Venegas
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Stacy Ransom
Steve Hughes
Steve Javiel
Steven Kenny
Sylvia Ji
Terry Ribera
Thomas Ascott
Tosin Kalejaye
The Tracy Piper
V R Rivera
Valeriya Volkova
Young Ji Cha
Zarina Situmorang
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