• Exhibition Dates: January 9–February 6, 2021

    Modern Eden Gallery and Emily Fromm are excited to present Picture Show, a diverse collection of artwork exploring the subject of film. Since the first movie was created in the late 1800s, film has rapidly become one of the most accessible art forms in human culture and now it's role in the human experience is evolving faster than ever. As children, we learn to trust movies to entertain us, teach us, instill values, inform our perceptions of the world, and broaden our visual and aesthetic horizons. As a result, they leave lasting impressions on our psyches, perspectives and memories, shaping who we are as adults. In this exhibition, we invite a vibrant group of Bay Area artists to unpack the art of film, and celebrate the movies that have made us who we are today.

    Presenting new works by Emily Fromm, Hugo Kobayashi, Brian McDonald, Catherine Moore, Matthew Robertson, and Adam Caldwell.