• On View: May 14–June 4

    Petal to the Meddle, the latest solo exhibition by San Francisco artist Leon Loucheur, is an intoxicating exploration of beauty and contamination, employing elements of satyr and counterpoint to suss out themes relevant to our modern society. Aesthetically pleasing designs interplay with subtle notes of depravity, offering unexpected surprises that raise questions about our relationship to nature, and our tendency to choose comfort over clarity.

    Leon is a self-taught artist, having received his BA in Social Science from Humboldt State University. This education informed the art that followed, establishing a foundation rooted in the academic study of Psychology, Sociology, History, Economics and more. This experience, married to a 15 year career bartending, is reflected in Leon’s work as he explores social themes through the lens of intoxication and unruly behavior.

    Leon has been exhibiting with Modern Eden for over a decade, including his debut solo exhibition in 2013, Sentient City. His journey has since come full circle, back to where it all began, with a new series of paintings and drawings that speak to the evolution of a dedicated artist and enduring friend of the gallery.